Our Mission

The Mission of
Windmill Alliance

The people we serve, their families, their loved ones our staff and the community we serve are of utmost importance to us. All deserve the best from us.

Up-holding the dignity of another human being is tantamount to our success. When we serve with our best intentions and skills, we will be successful. This comes through our respect for all individuals: clients, families, employees, funders, etc.

The Windmill Alliance promotes and protects the human rights and dignity of people with developmental disabilities and those who are suffering from the lack of basic needs.

Our Values

Since 1985, the Windmill Alliance, Inc. (WMA) has been dedicated to serving those most in need in the community of Bayonne and Hudson County. WMA grew from serving 9 clients in the Windmill Day Center alone to nearly 2,000 every year combined with our social services program at HIGHWAYS, our thrift store. Our budget grew from $25,000 a year to nearly $2 million a year.

The Windmill Alliance (WMA) is a private, non-profit organization and possesses a current 501 (C) 3 status from

the Internal Revenue Service. The Windmill Alliance is also registered as a charitable organization with the NJ Department of Community Affairs. Because the WMA is non-sectarian, all people are welcomed without discrimination and no religion is promoted; all are respected. We invite you to look at our pages to learn more about us. Furthermore, you are welcome to visit us and you are more than welcome to become an active part of our community life and to help us help others.

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